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March 01, 2013

High normal blood-sugar detrimentals your brain!

According to a study, high blood-sugar levels are known to be detrimental to the brain, but even levels that are on the upper end of the normal range may be harmful. In this study, people whose blood-sugar levels were on the high end of the normal range - not high enough to be categorized as having diabetes or prediabetes were more likely to have brain shrinkage in certain areas compared with people with lower blood-sugar levels.

The study researcher Nicolas Cherbiun, of Australian National University in Canberra said, "Numerous studies have shown a link between Type 2 diabetes & brain shrinkage & dementia, but we haven't known much about whether people with blood sugar on the high end of normal experience these same effects. These findings suggest that even for people who do not have diabetes, blood-sugar levels could have an impact on brain health. More research is needed, but these findings may lead us to re-evaluate the concept of normal blood-sugar levels, & the definition of diabetes."

The study involved 249 people ages 60 to 64, who's blood-sugar levels were in the normal range as defined by the World Health Organization. These participants had brain scans at the start od the study, & again an average of four years later. The study was published in the journal of the American Academy of Neurology.


Sue said...

If this is true then we need to watch over our blood glucose. This matter should not be ignore but must be given attention since many people are now suffering from having diabetes.

Karen Calhoun said...

Being healthy is our responsibility and most of the time we know what is currently happening to our body. It is somehow important if we visit and have a check up with doctors for once in a while, we need to invest for our health. We might say diabetes is a common disease that affect to many of us, what we must always do in dealing this condition is to change lifestyle, of course avoid sweets. Giving attention and important is the great key for us to live a longer and happier life.

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