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March 04, 2012

Women's sexual problems behind migraines!

A new study has found that there is a possible link between migraines, headaches & sexual issues in women. A migraine headache is a severe pain felt on one or both sides of the head. Besides pain, one may have nausea & vomiting, & be very sensitive to light & sound in migraine.

The study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The study involved 100 women with migraines & headaches & kept them in observation for three months. Finally the researchers found that 90% of women with migraines & tension-type headaches also have sexual problems & 29% of these women are stressed about their sex lives. 

In this experiment the women treated for primary headaches were found to dispaly a high rate of sexual symptoms & distress compared to the other group. It was also found that both migraine & tension-type headache were associated with sexual pain & Hypoactive Sexual Sesire Disorder (HSDD), but women with Chronic Tension-Type Headache (CTTH) seem to be more prone to develop sexual distress. The researchers said, "Women treated for primary headaches were found to display a hiugh rate of sexual symptoms & distress."

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Kajal said...

interesting.. hadn't even thought of a connection there. Thanks for the share.

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