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January 08, 2012

Stave off common cold & cough by moderate workout!

You might be spending few bucks every season on medicines for common cold or cough but do you know that you can get rid off from such cold or cough medicines forever by doing just regular exercise! We do regular exercise to keep our body fit. Spending few minutes in a day for moderate workout can fetch you not only fine fitness but it can stave off the risk of common cold & cough but running miles of marathons can make you more susceptible to such infections too, says a new research study.

This particular research was led by Mike Gleeson, professor from Loughborough University, Britain. Gleeson says, "Research shows that those undertaking regular moderate exercise or in other words daily brisk walks can reduce their chance of catching a respiratory infection, such as cold, by up to almost a third." 

Upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) are acute infections that affect the nose, throat & sinuses, & include the common cold, tonsillitis, sinusitis & flu. Viruses that circulate in the environment usually cause URTIs. According to a Loughborough statement Gleeson said that conversely, in periods following prolonged strenuous exercise, the likelihood of an individual becoming ill actually increases. Gleeson also added by saying, "In the weeks following a marathon, studies have reported a two to six-fold increase in the risk of developing an upper respiratory infection." 

The major players in this immune regulation are immune cells called Natural Killer cells which are important weapons in the fight against viral infections. These Natural Killer cells recognize viral-infected cells as foreign invaders & force them to commit suicide. Gleeson explained by concluding that during moderate exercise the activity of Natural Killer cells is enhanced, whereas stressful endurance activities such as marathons can turn down Natural Killer cell activity. These changes are tightly regulated by stress hormones & other immune cells.


Deepak Karthik said...

informative post.. much needed

amit ganguly said...

I am going to keep this in Mind while working out !! I do it in short bursts and its effective !!

Unknown said...

hey nice info :) loved it.. seems all post are useful. Im gonna bookmark it now :)

Have a nice day

KSRealityBites said...

Deepak Karthik: Glad it helped you. Thanks :)

Amit Ganguly: Thanks. So now you know very well :)

Vicky: Glad you loved it. Absolutely! Keep reading all of them... Thanks :)

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