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January 27, 2012

Mexico's new high speed computer!

According to the latest buzz in technology, the mexican authorities said that, scientists of mexico inaugurated Latin America's No. 2 supercomputer by size & speed, with the ability to process 24.9 trillion operations per second!

The Center for Research & Advanced Studies, or Cinevestav in communique, said that the computer, along with others at two major Mexican universities, is part of the new high-performance network Lancad. Cinevestav chief Rene Asomoza explained that the Lancad project will generate physical infrastructure that will improve Mexico's competitive position in the world. Asomoza also issued a call to take advantage of its enormous technological capabilities to develop high-impact social & economic projects.

Asomoza said that besides benefiting the academic sector, the computer will also benefit the government & businessmen. Also said that the government can accommodate "critical applications that require a high level of storage & security", or push for education & distance-learning, while the private sector can develop "modeling applications & simulation of processes or the development of tools & teams." 

The supercomputer, the largest in the region after a machine in Brazil, required an investment of around 18 million pesos which is equivalent to $1.3 million! The official said that the computer, dubbed Xiuhcoatl ("serpent of fire"), will allow the processing of information to solve problem in health care, climate change & security, among many others. 

Asomoza concluded by explaining as an example, using the computer a pharmaceutical firm can undertake simulations of new medications, aerospace simulations can be carried out & can work with new proteins. 

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