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December 05, 2011

Hope for victims of cardiac arrests!

A new hope for the victims of cardiac attacks! Yes, recent findings has got a better way for the victims of cardiac arrests. A new population of adult stem cells unearthed in the heart could potentially open the way to regeneration of heart muscles in the victims of cardiac attacks.

Richard Harvey, a professor who heads developmental & stem cell biology division at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute (VCCRI) & Peter Finley, a professor at the University of New South Wales, say that findings based on mouse model, are hugely exciting. 

According to the journal Cell Stem Cell reports, Harvey said, "The fact that this new group of cells are multi-potent & highly specific to the heart gives us great hope that when we translate these cells into the human setting, they will work well at regenerating & repairing a broken heart." 

According to a VCCRI statement, heart disease is one of the largest killers worldwide. The findings come following recent reports in scientific literature & news media that stem cells harvested from human hearts during surgery show promise for reversing heart attack damage. 

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