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November 21, 2011

Migraine people at a risk of depression!

A study says that people complaining of painful migraine on regular basis may be at the risk of developing depression! Migraine could be one of the reasons behind the Psychological disorder which can never be ignored. The findings can be termed as significant in the medical science.
According to a Canada-based study, migraine & depression are co-related. Lead author Geeta Modgill said that people with clinical depression could be at higher risk of developing migraines. The researchers said that both the migraine & depression patients should feel the relation between two ailments. 

Migraine can make a person nauseous & sensitive to light. The patient may often complain of visual disturbances "aurus". The study published in the journal 'Headache' shows that about 15% of the subjects experienced depression & 12% complained of migraines throughout the 12 years of the study. 

The researchers said that the participants with migraines, 80% were more likely to develop depression & it varies from sex & age. Similarly, people with depression, 40% were at a greater risk of developing migraines than the non-depressed.  

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