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November 15, 2011

Gene that make alcoholics relapse!

LONDON: Gene that make alcoholics relapse has been found! Scientists 've identified a particular variant of a gene that plays spoilsport in people's recovery from alcoholism, besides subjecting them to ten times higher risk of premature death.
The study co-author Claudia Fahlke, from Sweden's Sahlgrenska Academy says that their research shows that alcohol-dependent individuals, who are also carriers of this gene variant, run ten times the risk of dying prematurely, compared with the average population. Sahlgrenska researchers 've found that a variant of the dopamine D2 receptor gene is over represented in people with severe alcohol dependency, as reported in  the journal Alcohol & Alcoholism. 

According to a Sahlgrenska statement, the gene variant is linked to a number of different negative consequences that can be of vital bearing on the person affected. The researchers concluded that this gene variant is tied with higher incidence of relapses among these individuals even if they 've undergone treatment for their alcohol dependency. 

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