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November 06, 2011

Fish a day keeps diabetes away!

LONDON: The dietary habits of the Spanish population suggest that eating fish is a good way of keeping diabetes at bay. This particular study was conducted by the University of Valencia's Mercedes Sotos Prieto. 

According to the study, which involved 945 men & women aged between 55 & 80 years with a high cardiovascular risk, found that fish consumption lowered the diabetes risk.

Eating red meat in excess is tied to higher cardio risk, higher blood pressure, diabetes & a moderate decrease in life expectancy mainly due to cancer or heart disease, reports the journal Nutricion Hospitalaria. 

According to the Spain's University of Valencia's statement, fish is a staple in the Mediterranean diet & has health benefits for the heart. The researchers quoted that various hypotheses 've been put forward that attempt to explain why the consumption of fish can be related to diabetes. The increase of Omega-3 in the cells of the skeletal muscles improves insulin sensitivity, a factor associated with the lowered risk of diabetes. 

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