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November 16, 2011

Discovery of skin cancer gene!

In a major breakthrough in medical science, the scientists claimed to 've discovered a key gene that helps protect people from skin cancer. The discovery will show the ways to get cured of skin cancer disease.
An International team led by Professor Stephen Jane & Dr Charbel Darido of Monash University said that they 've identified the presence of the gene "Grhl3", which signals "stop" to the cell proliferation. But the absence of the gene may trigger squamous cell cancer (SCC), a common form of skin cancer that occurs in multiple organs in our body. 

The scientists said that the absence of "Grhl3" also triggers several cancers including brain & neck cancers. The researchers said that the discovery would bring a light to the research related to the disease. They 've already developed some drugs, which would be effective against SCC. The drugs for the treatment & prevention therapies for the skin cancer would be available within five years. 

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