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October 31, 2011

World's population hits Seven Billion!

World Population just hit Seven Billion today i.e., October 31, 2011. As soon as the world welcomed the seven billionth baby in India & Phillipines, concerns were raised over the rising population.

The United Nations selected Uttar Pradesh as the place of birth for the world's seven billionth baby. The calculation shows 11 babies are born every minute in Uttar Pradesh. India has the record of 51 newborns every minute!

The seven billionth baby was born in Uttar Pradesh's Dhanaur village in Mall block, 23km from Lucknow at around 7:20 AM IST. The baby girl was named as Nargis. She was born to Vineeta & Ajay Yadav. She was welcomed by her parents & family members with much excitement. She is the first child of her parents & weighs 3 kg.

The small village of UP was identified as the venue for the birth of the symbolic seven billionth baby. Nargis' father Ajay Yadav is a farmer by profession. He is very happy with the birth of his daughter & said that he would like to see her as top in her studies & life.

Apart from Nargis, Plan International, a UK based civil society organisation, identified six other baby girls born today in Mall block of Lucknow. All the babies will be sponsored by seven women ambassadors for seven years. Sachin Pawar & Pinky Pawar in the vilage of Sunheda in Uttar Pradesh's Baghpat district were expected to be the proud parents of the seven billionth baby of the world, but it didn't happen due to some medical complication-related delay.

Earlier, the Philippines declared Danica May Camacho as the world's symbolic seven billionth baby. She was born just before the midnight on October 30 at Jose Fabella memorial Hospital in Manila. She weighs 2.5 kg. The UN officials in Philippines presented the child with a small cake. She was one of the two symbolic seven billionth babies.

Analyzing the current growth rates in India, the analysts said that the country is set to become the most populous in the world by 2025 overtaking China!  

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