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October 15, 2011

Women stay alive longer!

Living a longer life is the ultimate battle of the sexes & undoubtedly women wins this battle. The women are robust & the most essential proof of robustness is their power to stay alive longer. Women are tougher than men from birth to extreme old age. Though a man may run a 100-meter faster race than the average woman & lift heavier weights. But when it comes to the long run of life, women 've outlived men by about 5 to 6 years.

Studies 've even shown that by the age of 85 there are roughly 6 women to every 4 men. At the age of 100 the ratio is even higher, approx. more than 2 to 1. The most evident fact for women's strength is Jeanne Calment of France who lived 122 years making the world record for human longevity. This score strongly stands in favor of women's longer sustainability in the world. Though there 've been researches to find out the reason for women's longer life, the actual reason is still not confirmed. 

If asked to men they would probably answer that they are more stressed of their working lives as compared to women. But they forget that the time has gone when men used to 've all the hardship & stress in their lives because they working. 

Today, women are equally working & are taking up the burden of family & children. So when the world is almost thriving towards gender equality, one should expect the mortality gap to vanish or at least diminish. But this isn't happening as women today still outlive men. Moreover stresses & strains had always existed for women whether she being a housewife or a working one. Men lead a much easier & relaxing life as compared to women. 

Few researches 've also mentioned that women's healthier habits are one of the major reasons for their longer life. They choose better diet & prefer less drinking & even smoking. But the number of women who smoke is growing & plenty of others drink & eat unhealthy food also. Despite this their longer lives is not getting affected. Therefore, the lifestyle argument doesn't answer the question either. 

Also women develop problems like heart attack & stroke usually in their 70s & 80s, about 10 years later than men, develop 'em in their 50s & 60s. Hence it's very clear that men are much more disposable than women & incompetent to survive in this world. If there are any men left who still believe that women are the weaker gender, it's high time for 'em to give a second thought to this!  

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