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October 17, 2011

Side effects of wearing high heels!

One among the most fascinating trends of women is wearing high heels. High heels always fascinate women & thus become an inseparable part of all fashion attire. High heels symbolize class, dignity & fashion for women. Women get a feeling of extreme proud by wearing high heel shoes.

Women just go crazy for such high heel shoes making it an essential part of every fashion statement. Many women opt for high heel shoes to look taller, classy & to gather attention with their striking appearances. In the obsession of looking gorgeous, women forget about the kind of harm these high heel shoes can put on their body. There are some side effects too for wearing high heel shoes. 

Few Side Effects...
Natural Posture Deformation : Women need to throw their weight forward in order to balance the body while wearing high heels. This gradually leads to the deformity of their natural posture. This incorrectly balanced posture causes pain in waist & legs. 

Pressure on Bones : Wearing high heels put consistent pressure on the bones of legs & knees. This unnecessary stress leads to pain in legs in long run & also increases the chance of the bones to get damages soon. 

Sprain in Ankles : High heels needs a lot of balancing while walking. A little bit of imbalance can cause a big fall. This sudden fall can cause serious & painful sprains & sometimes even accidents too. 

Foot Deformities : High heels put the foot in a downward position increasing the pressure on the bottom of the forefoot. Regular use of high heels leads to foot deformities like hammer toes & bunions. Many women wearing high heel shoes also complain of damages in toes such as corns & blisters. 

Restricted Mobility : In this never ending trend, people need to be fast everywhere. With high heels it's difficult to run or walk fast, thus limiting the motion. this becomes problematic for women while chasing a bus or something else.

Though every woman is aware of these problems, the temptation of wearing a beautiful pair of high heel shoes becomes irresistible for them. But they forget that shoes are only an accessory to cover the feet. The legs are much more important & they should not avoid it for the sake of looking fashionable. The attraction for high heels can really be dangerous for their body. Women should prefer high heels shoes only for special occasions so as to satisfy their anxiety & crush, & rely on flat heels for regular use. 

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