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October 13, 2011

India's first successful robotic liver transplant!

HARYANA: India’s first Robotic Liver transplant has been performed successfully. The operation, which is claimed to be the third of its kind in the world, has been performed on Ziad, a four year old kid at the Medanta Medcity hospital in Gurgaon, Haryana. 

India’s position has been upgraded to the next level in world heath sector by the accomplishment of this hi-tech medical surgery. This surgical treatment was performed by the Da-Vinci robot on Rahmatullah, 36, who donated 20% of his liver to his nephew Ziad, who was suffering from Liver cancer.

The patient, who was living with his parents in Muscat, capital of Oman, was a victim of tyrosinemia. It is a disease in which the body cannot effectively break down the amino acid tyrosine leading to liver & kidney disturbances & mental retardation & the only permanent treatment is transplantation of the cancerous organ.

Medanta Liver Institute Chairman A S Soin, the main person behind this historic surgery opines that "Robotic surgery is usually performed for kidney, heart & gynecological operations. But its use in liver transplant not only increased the precision but also reduced surgery-related troubles."

This operation coasted nearly 15 lakh rupees, raised through charity. Medanta's director of pediatric gastroenterology Neelam Mohan says, “It costs Rs.1 lakh just to start the robot. So, if three or four surgeries are conducted in a line, the cost will automatically come down.” But the doctors hope that the cost will decrease to a considerable level within a year or two.

This new step of operation through a robot does not at all questions or ignores the efficiency of the doctors who perform surgery manually using their hands. Both the processes 've their merits & demerits. So, in a coming age of robot operated surgery even, the manual process cannot be discarded. But on the other hand, it is also equally true that this operation has created history in the medical sector of India. 

This said case is the beginning of the robot era in the Medical history of India. However time will say whether it can be widely accepted by the people or not.  

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