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August 16, 2011

Alcohol damages Women more than Men!

Alcohol consumption has become a major common trend among modern men & women! Both genders consume large amount of alcohol without even caring about its side effects. As per the research consumption of alcohol causes brain damage in women more than men.

As women 've higher metabolisms & lower body water concentrations, become high more rapidly than men. Even if women drink alcohol in small amount, it will also affect her health. This also results in quicker liver damage & heart disease even when women consume same amount of alcohol to their male counterparts they attain a high Blood Alcohol Consumption (BAC).

Women 've less body water & 10% more fatty acids as compared to men. Even if a man & a woman are the same weight & drink the same amount of alcohol, the woman will still become more intoxicated. Alcohol is more harmful for women as it can lower the awareness & alertness. Excessive alcohol may cause liver disease, breast cancer, lessen fertility, brain & heart damage as well. 

As compared to men, women 've less alcohol dehydrogenate (ADH), an enzyme present in the liver & stomach that breaks down alcohol. More alcohol enters a woman's bloodstream & her BAC increases. Alcohol not only causes such diseases, but it can also become a reason of early death. It is advisable for both the genders (Men & Women) to lead a healthy life by quitting alcohol. It's a humble request to all the people to stop consumption of alcohol & lead a happy & healthy life!
                                                     "Stay Healthy, Stay Safe"

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