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July 08, 2011

Women's sex hormones can beat common cold!

In a major breakthrough, researchers claimed that sex hormone in women can beat common cold in a big manner. The immune system reacts to rhinoviruses, the viruses that cause cold in men & women.

According to Australian scientists at the University Of Queensland School Of Medicine at Princess Alexandra Hospital, the immune system of women responds strongly to rhinoviruses as compared to young men.

The common cold that is found in women disappears after menopause. It suggests that women are regulated by sex hormones. Researchers said that rhinoviruses affect more people suffering with asthma or other chronic lung diseases. However, study led by Prof John Upham said that it will work more on the findings whether it works on people with asthma. The team will study the effects of hormones on the immune system for developing a vaccine to beat common cold. 

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