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July 24, 2011

Energy drinks can be harmful!

Energy drinks can be harmful for health! According to a study conducted by the Centre for Science & Environment (CSE), energy drink brands like Red Bull & Cloud 9 can be dangerous for your health.

The study revealed that the health status of people can reach to the dangerous conditions after consumption of energy drinks. The most energy drinks exceed the standard limit of caffeine as prescribed limit by the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act (PFA).

The study by the pollution monitoring lab of CSE found that 44 samples 've more caffeine than the limit of 145 parts per million (ppm), which could be dangerous to drink. In a statement, CSE warned that the consumption of such caffeine rich drinks, with exceeding standard limits during intense physical activity could lead to dehydration. 

Considering these drinks as most harmful for health, CSE has demanded 'strict regulatory controls' & to mention clear indication & information on the labels of such drinks. The statement said, "As per the rules framed in PFA, 145 ppm of caffeine in carbonated beverages are allowed but the manufactures or energy drinks want a 320 ppm cap! 

I've already posted about such Energy Drinks long back, but still people never care about their precious lives & take their life to a new level which could be critical in terms of health! It's a humble request to all the people to stop consuming such energy drinks. If you really care about yourselves then please don't entertain your life with such drinks stated as "Energy Drinks" & hamper your health status! "Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!"

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