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July 10, 2011

21 New Medical Colleges to be setup by MCI!

Medical Council of India (MCI) will set up 21 new medical colleges across the country creating 4,452 MBBS seats for medical aspirants to remove the shortage of doctors. However, the board has decided to re-inspect those institutions randomly in the next three months as it is not satisfied with the current report.

The new board headed by Dr K K Talwar gave its nod to the institutions based on the report produced by earlier board, which was governed by Dr S K Sarin. However, Dr Talwar said that the board will re-inspect the colleges again despite the institutes have declared that they 've the best infrastructure. If the institutes do not meet their declaration, the board will take legal action.

The inspections of the institutions had started in January & the last date for approvals was on June 30. The board said that they can change the way of inspection by including bureaucrats & journalists in its inspection team. The board has also decided to increase the number of seats in existing institutions this year. By approving 21 medical colleges, the total number of medical colleges in the country reached 335 including 185 private colleges & 150 government colleges. 

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