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June 10, 2011

Health tips ahead of Monsoon Season!

The season of Monsoon is not only delightful & beautiful but a host of health problems also. A single drop of rain can trigger bouts of sneezing plus a runny nose! Due to increased moisture level, the number of bacteria also increases hastily. Many mosquitoes, flies & virus start proliferating due to polluted environment & unhygienic water. Therefore for this very reason the chances of infections & diseases are very high in Monsoon. 

The infections reduce the natural resistance level of the body. A few of the very common diseases of this season are cough, cold, flu, poor digestion, jaundice, typhoid & even dysentery. Besides, skin related problems such as abscess, prickly heat & eczema are also very common. But we should avoid these diseases by following certain tips for the Monsoon season! 
Tips to Ponder & Follow during Monsoon: 
  1. Exercise is an important part of your monsoon health care rule & it’s very crucial to look at different option to regulate the exercise to stay active, fit & healthy. 
  2. Take bath twice a day & wash hairs regularly to remove the sweat due to humidity. It can cause irritation & skin inflammation or infectious skin irruptions. Use Luke-warm water & medicated soap for bathing. Never use strong perfume or talc or antiperspirants on the body.
  3. Drink fresh citrus fruit juices. Even sugar cane juice or apple juice are good sources of vitamins & best in Monsoon.
  4. Never keep your skin wet for a long time & as you get out of the rain take a bath in warm water. Scabies is a new common infection which victims on both children & adults during the monsoon — it is caused by a mite infestation.
  5. The skin gets wet frequently and with the regular wetting and drying the skin has to suffer a lot. Use a toner each time you rinse your face to close the pores & repair your skin’s pH balance.
    By following the tips, one can not only stay away from the health problems but can enjoy the soothing breeze of Monsoon season also! So Fellas, hope you will take a very good care of yourselves.

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