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May 26, 2011

Red Wine & Chocolate sharpens Brain!

As we all know that consumption of alcohol is not good for health, even doctors used to suggest people not to consume alcohol & chocolate, but the combination of red wine & chocolate can act as a brain sharpener according a new study!
According to researchers from Northumbria, Polyphenols is found in the dark chocolate & wines, which makes the blood circulation to the brain fast & easier. The polyphenols are more effective in combination of red wine & chocolate than alone. 

The study conducted on healthy adults providing a capsule packed with resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine. Researchers found an increase in blood flow to their brains. The resveratrol never shows any adverse effects on health. The red wine lovers can easily go for the stuff from health food stores & the young girls do not need to be health conscious while consuming dark chocolates!

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