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May 30, 2011

Goat Milk is as nutritious as Human Milk!

A new Spanish study says that goat milk is as nutritious as human milk & people should opt for goat milk as a substitute. It may sound different to people, but scientist 've found many nutrients in that milk.
Researchers at the University of Granada Department of Physiology & Institute of Nutrition & Food Technology found that goat milk has many nutritional characteristics that are beneficial to human health. The study says that goat milk improves iron & regenerates haemoglobin in the body. It is rich in casein alpha 1, which is found in human milk. Researchers said that goat milk is hypoallergenic.

In many countries, goat milk is mostly preferred in place of cow milk for feeding babies. The study says that it also contains amount of oligosaccharides, which reach the large intestine undigested & act as prebiotics. The component develops probiotic flora, which competes with pathogenic bacterial flora.

It also contains lower amount of lactose than cow milk & it is easier to digest. Goat milk is rich in calcium, phosphorus, zinc & selenium. It improves bone formation & prevents neurodegenerative diseases.

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