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May 01, 2011

Diet care tips for Summer!

As the summer is at its peak with rising mercury levels with additional hot winds, it’s time to wear cool cottons wears & relax your body with chilled shakes, ice-creams & salads! In summer, the skin & digestion may turn bad if you become lethargic & sloppy about your diet. Summer increases the chances of dehydration & the frequent changes in blood pressure. 

It's mandatory to change your normal diet in summers & move to enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants & fibers. You can even consult a dietician, who will make a proper summer diet plan for you. It's important to take care of your diet in summer because the capacity of ingestion becomes less as compared to other seasons. You should add fresh juices, seasonal fruits, cereals, green salad, sprouts & water in your daily diet to keep yourself protected from the sensational heat of summer. You should try to avoid such foods that increase your dehydration & weight.

In summers, drinking excess of tea, alcohol, coffee & other caffeinated drinks should be avoided! Hot drinks also increase the risks of dehydration. Drinking ample of water & fresh liquid regularly is beneficial. It will protect you from dehydration during the summer heat. Water is most effective in losing weight. Drinking lots of water will increase you metabolism & burn your calories faster. Develop a habit of carrying a water bottle everywhere you go. 

Try to keep a glucose bottle always with you. It will help you to get energy from the unbearable heat of sun. Intake of seasonal fruits like watermelon, mangoes, grapes etc are also keeps your body temperature cool and refresh. So keeping your stamina intact is the important criteria during summers!

Quick review of proper diet plan in summers:
  • Begin your day with two glasses of water, followed by a cup of tea (not necessarily).
  • For breakfast, Cornflakes with unsweetened soya milk & fruit juice is quite energetic.
  • In morning, take fresh lime juice or tender coconut water that makes you fresh & active.
  • At noon, do 've brown rice, vegetable curry, curd, greens salad with a glass of lassi + chill water.
  • For a vigorous evening, intake fruit juice instead of tea or coffee.
  • For dinner, green vegetable soup, whole wheat bread, lean sandwich, fruit & nut salad will definitely works well.
Folks! You can make summer a fun & healthy experience for you by following a proper diet schedule!

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Hmm nice post.. bu t what about those of us who need to gain weight? ;)

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