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May 26, 2011

Blood test can reveal your life span!

Do you 've any idea how long will you live? In other words, Do you want to know how long will you live? These questions may 've inappropriate answer, but a blood test can tell people their biological age & offer a clue to their longevity! Yes, A simple blood test can reveal your life span.
Scientists say that the blood test can even reveal how healthy people will be till the last period of life. The test is scheduled to go on sale in Britain later this year. However, the test cannot say how many months or years one can expect to live. It works by measuring telomeres, which are structures on the tips of chromosomes. These are closely linked to one's biological age.

Researchers say that people with shorter telomeres in their blood cells, used to 've cancer, heart disease & Alzheimer’s disease, or even die earlier. The test's developer, Maria Blasco of the Spanish National Cancer Research Center in Madrid said that shorter telomeres can cause a shorter lifespan.

Researchers 've developed a test worth 435 pounds (equivalent to 32036.5 INR) who say can accurately measure one's length of telomeres, telomeres are considered related to one's survival. The test can be available at $700 test, which tells biological age. Currently, it is available to US people to send a blood sample to Spain. 

Scientists say that if someone is under stress having shorter telomeres, he will live for short period of life. The test is like a cholesterol or blood pressure test where similar behavioral modifications can reduce the risk factors. It could possibly open the door to anti-aging therapies. The experts hope someone can learn when it is known he has the potential for short lived, for instance by helping people to develop healthy lifestyles improve diet & reduce stress. 

"This test is very thorough, even we could detect very little difference to the length of telomeres, this technique is very simple & fast so that many samples can be analyzed at the same time," says Blasco. Although the researchers revealed that people with shorter telomeres would 've shorter life, but this test cannot predict with certainty how many years or months of a person can live. 

However, the question arises, what could be done with short telomeres as there is no drug to lengthen telomeres. The researchers are working on inventing drugs & stem cell therapies.

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