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April 17, 2011

Salt intake raises hypertension & BP!

WASHINGTON: A new study tends to comprehend the mechanism behind salt-induced hypertension. A research from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine & Kent State University has explained the causes of salt induced hypertension emphasizing that salt intake impairs the body’s ability to simultaneously regulate blood pressure & temperature.

The findings suggest that salt intake raises blood pressure by making it harder for the cardiovascular system to simultaneously juggle the regulation of blood pressure & body temperature. For decades, medical researchers 've unsuccessfully tried to understand how salt causes salt-induced high blood pressure. 

The answer may lie in the dual role of cardiovascular system, since the cardiovascular system is responsible for maintaining normal blood pressure & also helps control body temperature by conducting heat from the muscles & internal organs to the skin’s surface. Researchers tend to inquire into the dual role of cardiovascular system.

“It appears that salt sensitive individuals maintain core body temperature equilibrium more effectively than salt resistant individuals, but experience increased blood pressure in the process,” said Robert P. Blankfield, clinical professor of family medicine at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, & a member of the Department of Family Medicine at University Hospitals Case Medical Center. “Conversely, salt resistant individuals maintain blood pressure equilibrium more effectively than salt sensitive individuals following salt & water intake, but experience a greater temperature reduction in the process.” he added. 

Researchers hope that physicians may one day be able to tell their patients the cause of high blood pressure & may suggest accurate measures to avoid them.

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