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April 24, 2011

Internet plays vital role in Environmental Pollution!

Internet seems to play a vital role for causing environmental pollution in the world as compared to countries like India, which is consuming only 568 billion kwh energy. As per the report by a non-governmental environmental organization Greenpeace, the data centers & IT-related infrastructures are powered by energy & it comes from coal. 
The software giants like Google, Akamai, Yahoo & Apple that run data centres consumed 662 billion kwh energy, while India consumed only 568 billion kwh. The report says that if internet were a country, it would occupy fifth position in the list of most polluting nations. An era, where all are dependent on internet, server farms are expanding in the world. Even though, software companies are not considered as factories, the data centers are the real factories of the 21st century. They depend on 50% to 80% on coal for energy.

Exemplifying India, the report says that the country is having mobile revolution which has a bad effect on environment. India has nearly 3lakh telecom towers in rural & semi-urban areas, where there is lack of electricity supply. The telecom operators use diesel to produce electricity to power the network, which causes air pollution. The telecom sectors consume 2 billion litres diesel annually after the railway department in India.

The report also reveals that how IT companies show less energy consumption, while they are consuming more than any sector. The report appreciated Indian IT major Wipro for showing greater transparency on its energy consumption. IT major like Yahoo has been considered as the greenest, while iPad & iPhone producer Apple has been found as the worst green rating due to its iDataCentre in North Carolina.

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