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April 03, 2011

Health tips for women in Summer!

Healthcare differs according to changing of season & environment. As summer is the most painful season for hot countries like India, women tend to suffer from different types of health problems during the period while trying to get rid of harsh sun rays.

The body loses its strength & the skin becomes more dry with the rise of mercury. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your health in hot sunny days. As healthy mind lives in a healthy body, women’s' health should not be compromised at any cost. Many working females used to complain about weakness & rigidity during summer. That should not be ignored as it may be a sign of some health problem due to lack of liquid in body. Further, it also affects the beauty of skin & face.

The scorching summer invites a lot of ailments in disguise like acidity, gas, imbalance in blood pressure, and hemoglobin. There is possibility to get sun stroke due to exposure to heat during day time. Experts advise to follow certain primary health tips during summer season to 've healthy & glowing skin.

Health tips to follow during summer season:
  1. Sleep minimum eight hours/day.
  2. Choose light meals at regular intervals. 
  3. Prefer loose, cotton & light colour garments.
  4. Allow sweating & make your body clean too.
  5. Never use Air Cooler as it can sick your body.
  6. Do some light physical exercises or go for Yoga.
  7. Walk under shade, can use umbrella outside home.
  8. Cover eyes with sun-glasses & Cover your hair too.
  9. Do not overwork; spend energy according to your strength.
  10. If body feels uncomfortable, consult physician immediately.
  11. Use sunscreen-lotion to prevent skin from aging, sunburn & cancer.
  12. Always keep Glucose in your handbag for instant relief from weakness & fatigue.
  13. To hydrate your body, drink plenty of water, curd, grapes juice, watermelon, lemon & pineapple.

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