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April 23, 2011

Facebook celebrates 1st Birthday of Like Button!

Facebook is celebrating first birthday of its “Like” button. Like button has become a big success & is now a common feature in most of the websites. As you can see on our blog too!
On its website, Facebook wrote “Happy 1st birthday, Like button! For a one-year old, the Like button sure has a lot of friends. More than 10,000 sites add the Like button every day. Tell us what the Like button has meant to you.”

More than 2.5 million websites 've integrated the ‘Like’ button on their website. As per the Facebook, more than ten thousand websites are adding the 'Like' button every day. Now, people 've started requesting Facebook to introduce ‘Dislike’ button too along with ‘Like’ button. However, Facebook has not announced any plans to introduce the requested button. The users can however withdraw their rating given to a stuff by using 'Unlike' option in case they change their mind.

1 comment:

UB said...

I'm really waiting for the dislike button! I hope Mark Zuckerberg does something soon!

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