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April 06, 2011

Avoid adding milk to tea to lose weight!

Everyone knows adding milk to tea tastes great. But adding milk to tea should be avoided since the scientists 've suggested not to add the milk to the hot drink if you want to lose weight & make your body fit.
According to Japanese researchers, tea contains high levels of compounds such as theaflavins & thearubigins that help reducing the amount of fat in the body absorbed by the gut. It can also cut cholesterol. However, milk that is rich in fat kills the compounds in the tea.

The study reveals that milk spoils all the fat reducing ability if it is added to the tea. Professor Dr Devajit Borthakur of Tea Research Association, in Jorhat, India said that tea should be taken without milk as the compounds can fight the fat in the body. We never get that benefit from tea if it is taken with milk. The study has been published in the Journal of Nutrition & reveals that the extracts from tea leaves can keep us fit from obesity. Black tea extracts can prevent obesity by inhibiting intestinal lipid absorption.

Researchers suggest that black tea is good than green tea as it has more capacity to reduce fat & improves immune system. The study reveals that the skimmed milk decreases the levels of active compounds more than whole or semi-skimmed milk.

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