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March 10, 2011

A rare cardiac surgery done!

CHENNAI: A 39-year-old man has undergone a rare cardiac surgery at the MIOT hospital recently. Doctors said that this was the first time that acute dissection of the aorta could be operated on a single stage process using  the latest hybrid graft, Evita, which used the frozen elephant trunk technique.

Dr V V Bashi, who headed the team that performed the procedure, said that the patient was referred to the hospital in 2005 with severe back pain & high BP & was then diagnosed with a major leak in the aortic valve. He underwent a major operation to replace the aortic valve & root.

Three weeks ago, he again suffered a back pain & was made to undergo an aortogram, which showed various abnormalities. The patient was then operated upon using the hybrid graft during two weeks ago. This is the first time in India that the graft has been used.

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