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February 28, 2011

Fish pedicure could spread infection & disease!

The latest beauty craze.. fish pedicures offered in salons & spas across the world 've raised serious health concerns. According to the Daily Mail reports, British experts are worried that the trend that is sweeping the country could spread infection & disease!

The Health Protection Agency is investigating after the treatment was banned by 14 American states. The treatment, which costs between 10 & 50 pounds, involves customers dunking their feet in tanks to 've their dead skin nibbled away by scores of Turkish miniature toothless carp. But it has been revealed the pedicures using the garra rufa fish could spread infection from person to person through open wounds.

Salons said they use UV-lit tanks, which are constantly filtered to keep them clear of disease. But the therapy’s opponents said that unlike usual salon rules, which compel staff to throw away or sanitise tools after each use, the epidermis-eating fish are too expensive to discard. The agency began investigating after being contacted by environmental health officers. “The HPA will examine the most up-to-date evidence of any possible risks associated with garra rufa fish pedicures,” said an agency spokesman.

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