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February 09, 2011

Coffee boosts women's Brainpower!

Taking a much needed coffee break at work may be a bright idea for women, with new research showing that a caffeine-filled cup can improve our brainpower in stressful situations! Researchers of Bristol University tested 64 men & women to examine the effects of coffee on the body when it was already under stress, especially when consumed in large quantities, such as during an office meeting.

The study found that caffeine boosted women’s performance but that it impaired men’s memories & slowed their decision-making. "Many meetings, including those at which military & other decisions are made, are likely to be male-dominated. Because caffeine is the most widely consumed drug in the world, the global implications are potentially staggering," said Psychologist Dr Lindsay St Claire. 

The participants were divided into same-sex pairs & given tasks, from carrying out negotiations, memory tests & puzzles. Half the pairs were given decaffeinated coffee, while the others were given normal coffee. Researchers found that mens' performance in memory tests were 'greatly impaired' if they drank caffeinated coffee & that they took an average of 20 seconds longer to complete tasks than men on decaff.

Women completed the puzzles 100 seconds faster with the help of a cup of full-caffeine coffee, the Journal of Applied Social Psychology reports. As a nation, we drink approximately 70 million cups of coffee a day, according to British Coffee Association & experts believe that the reason coffee effects the work performance of men & women differently is due to the way we respond to stress. Previous studies 've suggested that coffee may also provide protection against Alzheimer’s, diabetes, liver damage & gout.  Don't forget to promote if you liked this post!!

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