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January 27, 2011

Woman undergoes surgery after 103!

MUMBAI: Reality strikes again with real risks! Yes,  In a significant development, a 103-year-old woman underwent bone surgery at her thigh that was fractured into four parts. The woman, who was having many ailments, is now in good state in the hospital after the operation.

The woman named Safarbai Baxi suffered a fracture after she slipped in her bathroom on January 8. She was admitted at a hospital in Mumbai & operated soon. Dr HR Jhunjhunwala, who had operated, said that Baxi's thigh bone was broken into four parts. It was a major case as she is too old with many disorders. Doctor said that Baxi had osteoporosis, anaemia, asthma, hypertension & weak lungs. He also found a history of breast cancer in the patient.

Before operating upon her thigh, he had to work on controlling the above problems. It took 45 minutes to reconstruct the bones using screws & locking plate. Now, the patient is in good condition & she will be able to walk freely in next two months. Earlier, Dr. Jhunjhunwala had operated on a 108-year-old woman's hip successfully.

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