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January 11, 2011

Tongue piercing causes metal infection!

Tongue piercing has become a latest trend of fashion. Most probably it is common in teenagers & youngsters under 30.  Piercing has become a bold style statement that lures many teenagers. Unfortunately, people tend to overlook the possible health hazards that can be caused by it.

A recent new study has found that wearing a metal tongue or more specifically tongue piercing puts people at risk of causing infection of metal. The researchers said that metal studs are more likely to cause infection with tongue piercing because bacteria sticks more readily to stainless steel than those composed of plastics like Teflon. They also found that the germs that cause staph infections could cover metal, but not plastic studs.

Ines Kapferer of Innsbruck Medical University in Austria, lead author said that consumers should avoid stainless steel & titanium studs in favor of polytetrafluorethylene or polypropylene, not only because of bacteria & a potentially higher risk of local infection of the piercing channel, but also because of the risk of tooth chipping & gum recession. 

Kapferer & her colleagues replaced the tongue piercings of 68 women & 12 men, whose average age was about 23, with sterile studs of four different materials - stainless steel, titanium & two forms of plastic. When they removed & examined the studs two weeks later, the researchers found significantly higher concentrations of bacteria on steel piercings than on those made with the synthetic materials. 

Among the germs found more abundantly on metal studs were staphylococcus, streptococcus & pseudomonas - all commonly associated with oral & body-wide infections. The researchers speculated that a ‘bio-film’ of germs sticks more readily to stainless steel than to plastic. The study is published in the Journal of Adolescent Health. So folks! Beware of piercing your precious tongue!!                                         Click to promote the post!

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