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January 31, 2011

Social Networking leads to sex faster!

Most person in this digital media is very much interested in making new friends via social networking sites. In other words social networks like as shown in the right picture are trending every second on the youth of this century. Before digital media kept us all connected, dating & time together was what led to romance & sex.

Now studies are showing that the new aphrodisiac does not come from the anticipation of a Friday night date. In the digital age, it is found in the pages of social networking sites, instant messaging & other types of social media.

In a recently conducted survey, both men & women were asked about this topic. Of the men surveyed, 58% said that flirting on social media sites led to sex faster, women reporting an astounding 80%. The most common reason given from those surveyed was being able to chat & flirt throughout the day. Although couples are becoming intimate much faster, some mental health professionals don’t see it as emotionally healthy. Couples may find short term intimacy through being constantly connected, but regarding the effects on long term relationships the jury is still out.

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