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January 21, 2011

Men, watch out when you light up!

Why does men die earlier than women? Well, the most awaited answer to this simple yet complicated question has been found. Yes! Its true. Researchers 've found the reason based on a study. Smoking is the main reason why on average men die earlier than women across Europe.

World Health Organization (WHO) data on death rates reveals tobacco-related illness accounts for up to 60% of the gender health gap in most countries. The research published in the journal Tobacco Control found that alcohol accounts for about 20% of the disparity. In Wales the life expectancy gap between men & women is four years – men can expect to live to 77 but women to 81.4 years.

When the researchers looked at what had contributed to the deaths, they found smoking was behind 40% to 60% of the gender gap in most countries. In up to 60% of cases, they say, smoking is the main factor behind women outliving men. It is already known that smoking is the biggest cause of premature death in the world.

This particular study demonstrates that smoking has a huge influence in determining the gender gap when it comes to life-expectancy. Some experts 've claimed that females are biologically designed to live longer than males; others say women seek help sooner than men & are more aware of their health problems. But the study authors found that trends vary to widely for such simple conclusions to be drawn.

The study authors said: “Profound changes in the population level of smoking & in the magnitude of the gender gap in smoking should contribute to smaller gender differences in mortality in the coming decades. However, the extent to which this is realised will depend on the ways in which other health risk behaviours are patterned by gender."

Deaths associated with smoking in the trial included those from strokes, cancer & even coronary artery disease. Surveys repeatedly show that the vast majority of smokers (around 60% to 70% in some studies) would like to give up smoking. The reasons that they cite include concerns about their personal health, concerns about their family’s health & concerns about finances. The physical addiction caused by nicotene is a significant barrier to many people looking to quit smoking. But mental habits relating to smoking can be an even stronger reason why people do not give up smoking.

Best way to quit smoking is to use anti-smoking products which are easily available in the medical stores. Most probably, it is also available other than medical stores. One among the best is to use Nicorette which doubles your chances of quitting the habit of smoking! So folks, watch out when you light up!                                                                                 Interesting? Then Plz Promote!

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