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January 26, 2011

Heart disease cost to triple in next 2 decades!

Heart diseases are common these days. The rise of unhealthy diets, avoidance of exercise habits & even mismatch of medical prescriptions & consumption of those prescriptions are nonetheless the rare factors in this modern era. All in all the carelessness pertaining to health is trending all over. Due to this, the cost of heart disease may triple in next two decades!

According to Dr. Paul Heidenreich, chairman of the American Heart Association, the cost of treating heart disease in the next twenty years is expected to triple. He basis his prediction on the improvements in treating & preventing heart disease over the past 50 years, & the census data reflecting the changes in age & racial make-up of the American population. 

Today it is estimated that the cost of treating heart disease is over $200 billion annually, & in 20 years that number is expected to be about $800 billion. The heart association says an aging population will contribute to a rise in these health expenses, but goes on to stress current & future cost are partly caused by unhealthy diets & poor exercise habits, as well as, inconsistent use of prescribed heart medications. 

A very humble request to those people, who spends lavishly for the intake of unhealthy junk foods, also to those who not keen about their fitness & even to those who never verify their medical prescriptions to the concerned  doctor or specialists & make their life more closer to hell. Remember that "You are the protector of yourself, because its only you to face the reality of your life." So folks, take a very good care of yourselves! Stay Healthy, Stay Protected!
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