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January 10, 2011

Grape compound increases beneficial fat hormone!

Can anyone think of a compound in a fruit incurring benefits for fat hormone! Well, there is a compound  that does this. A compound in grapes displays antioxidant & other positive properties. Now, a recent study has described a novel way in which resveratrol exerts these beneficial health effects.

The research team found that resveratrol stimulates the expression of adiponectin, which is basically a hormone derived from cells that manufacture & stores fat. Senior author Feng Liu, professor of pharmacology & member of the Barshop Institute of Longevity & Aging Studies at UT Health Science Center San Antonio said that adiponectin has a wide range of beneficial effects on obesity-related medical complications. Both adiponectin & resveratrol display anti-obesity, anti-insulin resistance & anti-aging properties.

Liu concluded that the results from these studies should be of interest to those who are obese, diabetic & growing older. Also the findings should also provide important information on the development of novel therapeutic drugs for the treatment of these diseases. The researchers confirmed the finding in cells & animal models.                           Click to promote the post!

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