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January 14, 2011

Bedbug Problem Is Pervasive!

Everyone are familiar with Bedbugs. Right ? Cimicidae or bedbugs, are small parasitic insects. "One out of five Americans has either personally dealt with bedbugs or knows someone who has dealt with the pests," that's a survey which is revealed conducted by the National Pest Management Association.
In addition, the study showed bedbugs are in all 50 states, more often found in the homes of younger, urban renters & Americans believe infestations are on the rise. Most people are worried about finding them in hotels, but those included in the study listed public transportation, retail stores, medical facilities, the work place & their homes, as well as, the homes of their friends as places of concern. 

The survey also revealed about the inaccurate belief that bedbugs transmit disease; the red, itchy welts that frequently accompany the bites, while unpleasant, do not indicate illness. Also, erroneously believed by some people is that bedbugs are more common in lower income areas & in homes that are not as clean as others. Liked it? Then please Promote!

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