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January 06, 2011

Antibiotics may develop risk of Asthma in Babies

A new study claims that giving antibiotics to babies under six months of age may develop the risk of asthma. Researchers said that if a baby will be prescribed for a single course of treatment in few months of life, it can invite asthma.

A team of researchers at University of Yale said that the antibiotic medicines that are prescribed for infants, who have not reached six months of age, can raise risk of unavoidable condition. The study conducted on 1,400 infants found that the childhood asthma increased by 70% in babies. 

Subjects were taken whose parents 've no history of asthma. Researchers said that the antibiotics usually cause imbalances in the immune system in babies & develops allergic responses by killing the protective microbes in the body.                                        Click & promote this post!

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