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December 21, 2010

Tea could resolve Obesity problem!

JAPAN: Why do people undergo surgery for Obesity? Well, a recent research project has revealed that tea could resolve the problem of obesity. It can help to restrict weight gain & limit the negative health impact of fatty foods!

Research says that people undergoing obesity treatment could benefit from drinking tea. This particular research was conducted at Kobe University in Japan. The study looked at a group of mice fed either a normal diet or a high-fat diet. The mice were also given water, black tea or green tea over a 14-week period.

Results showed that the mice that were drinking tea had suppressed body weight gain in comparison to the group on water. In addition, black tea was found to counteract the harmful effects of the fat on the blood. Dr Carrie Ruxton from the industry-backed Tea Advisory Panel explained  that the study is good news for tea drinkers, particularly those who drink black tea. "Though the findings need to be confirmed in human studies, this study found that tea helped to prevent weight gain & adverse changes in blood glucose, glucose intolerance, insulin resistance & lipid regulation evoked by a high fat diet" added Ruxton.     >>Click to promote

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