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December 19, 2010

Sex Addicts Face Intimacy & Commitment Issues

A recent research on sex addicts has revealed some intriguing facts about people addicted to sex. The study has further revealed that people with a gigantic appetite for sex also happen to get them stimulated with the help of prostitution, online sex & also happen to 've commitment issues.

Karen Faisandier, a psychology student form the Massey University, compiled a sudy as part of her honours degree.  The research by Faisandier also happens to be the first study in New Zealand that has looked into the out of control sexual behavior of people.

The number of people who participated in the study numbered around 621 & it was also found that 66% of the people involved in the survey that was carried out o'er the internet had an out-of-control behavior. The supposed people were said to get more nervous about intimate relationships & also found relationships to be too stifling. Though, the other one-third of the participants involved in the anonymous assessment reported that they looked at relationships as safe & their partners worth trusting. Apart from that, they also reported that they did not find any problem with intimacy. It was also reported that in contrast to men, women with an out-of-control sexual behavior were more likely to face problems with intimacy.  >>Click here to promote this post...

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