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December 15, 2010

Kids who avoid green diets are more likely constipated

LONDON: A new research study claims that children who avoid greens in their diet are thirteen times more likely to be constipated. According to the researchers, they  found that drinking less than two glasses of water daily increases the risk significantly.

According to the reports by the Journal of Clinical Nursing, Constipation is an often painful condition when bowel movements are infrequent or hard to pass & can lead to more serious bowel obstructions. Moon Fai Chan at the National University of Singapore & Yuk Ling Chan from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University studied the dietary habits of 383 primary school children in Hong Kong.

The research team found that seven of the eight to 10 yr. olds had 'functional constipation' - which is constipation without a physical or psychological cause. Those who did not like fruits or vegetables were 13 times more likely to struggle in the toilets while children who did not drink enough water were eight times more at risk. Chan said: 'A number of studies 've suggested that functional constipation is getting worse among children. It is estimated that functional constipation accounts for 95% of cases of constipation affecting children once they pass infancy.'                                                       To promote this post click here...

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