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December 20, 2010

Gene is responsible for Fat

A research team claimed a report after research on obesity stating that our revolutionary changes might be responsible for people suffering from Obesity. Obese people doesn't actually know that its the gene which is responsible for it!

The research study team at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies was led by Marc Montminy, M. D, Ph. D, & a Professor at the Clayton Foundation Laboratories. The scientists 've felt that evolution might 've altered the manner in which our bodies store & burn fat.

In the research, scientists were involved in the study of a specific gene known as CRT3. The gene is responsible for decreasing the energy expenditure of fat cells. Talking about the study, Professor Montminy said that the basic concept of obesity was a result of the fast & feast adaptations made by the body. In order to survive in the condition of a famine, the CRTC3 gene is instrumental in reducing the rate of burning fat. It was found after a close scrutiny of the gene that people with the gene were capable of surviving without food for a longer period of time than people without the CRTC3 gene.

The basic idea of a thrift gene, which is responsible for slowing down the metabolic rate of people, has been in discussion since the 1960s. The idea had cropped up at a time when scientists had not even unearthed the code of genome sequencing.       >>Click to promote

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