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December 17, 2010

Eating food at Computer desk makes people Hungrier!

People always are busier at their profession that they become too lazy in terms of having their food. And as time moves on people most probably at their profession take their lunch at their desk but eating lunch at computer desk can make one feel hungrier! This is according to the researchers from the University of Bristol.

According to the research, after taking lunch at day time in office & resuming the work on computer motivates people for taking snacks more which may develop more weight. The study conducted on two groups of participants. Two groups were given launch with nine food items. One group was instructed to play a game ‘Solitaire’ on the computer. But another group was not provided any distractions.

Researchers found that people playing game were feeling hungry & wished to 've more snacks at least around twice while playing than the non-distracted participants. The study revealed that distraction can lead to hunger so that one will take more food, ultimately there is a chance for developing obesity. Researchers said that distracted participants were feeling difficult to remember the food items that they had taken in lunch. Click here to promote this post...

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