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December 16, 2010

Early flu can make body prone to allergies

According to a new study, getting viruses like the flu for young ones can protect them from contracting allergies like asthma later in life. This has been published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Further the study points out that today's kids are much too clean for their own well being because their immune systems might over-react if they don't 've ample viruses to fight earlier on. The study gives evidence that a rising number of children in even the developed nations are suffering from allergies not because they are exposed to bacteria & viruses, but rather because they are not exposed to enough bacteria & viruses in their initial stages.

In the latest research, the scientists from Harvard Medical School experimented & found out those baby mice which were infected with the influenza A virus developed into adults which were protected against the induced symptoms of the disease. But the adult animals contracting the flu continued to be susceptible to asthma. The researchers of the study traced the effect to a sub group of immune system cells known as the natural killer T-cells (NKT cells), which control the immune system under control & stop extreme reactions resulting in allergies like asthma.
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