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December 07, 2010

Act of Cheating linked to Gene

Cheating always hurts one's sentiment & feelings. But the act of cheating is never done automatically. A new study says the nature of cheating is influenced by the gene DRD4 that plays an important role.

The study led by doctoral fellow of evolutionary biology Justin Garcia at Bingham University said that the gene DRD4 is related to infidelity. The gene is also responsible for arising excitement based behaviour like drinking and gambling.

The study conducted by Dr. Garcia found those who were unfaithful towards their partners had the DRD4 gene. He conducted the study on a group of 200 young men & women. He claimed that the gene motivates them to do cheating & be unfaithful to their spouses in a relationship.

The study supports Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, who had said cheating is genetic. According to Dr. Weil, man who has gene DRD4 higher, tends to cheat his spouse & choose alcohol, drugs & sex. But cheating or infidelity bring depression & mental agony for the spouse, she explained in her book, “Make Up Don’t Break Up”.
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