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November 17, 2010

Women in High-Stress jobs develop risks of heart attack

A new study says that the human society is worried about the poor health of men due to higher stress at the workplace. But the job stress also brings health problem such as heart attack in women.

According to the Harvard researchers, about 40% women are at the risk of heart attack, if they are leading a stressful life due to their professional work. Working for family is a good idea, but working under stress is not acceptable. But job responsibility raises stress in people & ultimately increases depression.

Researchers said that social isolation & job strain are responsible to develop a kind of detachment & raise risk of cardiovascular disease in both men & women. Past studies witness the higher job stress raise heart risks in men. The study conducted on 17,415 women participants found that mental tension always brings various diseases in disguise. The study suggests women to make some changes in their lifestyle to get rid of the job stress.

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