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November 05, 2010

Use of laptops, cell phones linked to male infertility

Resting laptop on thigh & remaining busy on the mobile phone, may be the latest & attractive fashion in the current trend, but these things cause harm to male fertility. 
"Around 40% cases are recorded about the men complaining to 've less sperm & potentiality" says one of the  leading medical professional Dr Kamini A Rao in Bangalore.

The radio waves & chemicals in the laptop & cell phones create problems in the fertility of men. It directly affects mens' fertility in the form of necessary products as well as fashion mantra.

Apart from laptops & cell phones, intake of Caffeine & Tobacco in form of smoking, too affect mens' sperm. The doctor came with a suggestion to lead a healthy life, changing a bit in our so-called life style in the modern days. Going for regular breathing exercises like Yoga, taking adequate antioxidants & consuming fresh fruit juices make positive impact on sperm.

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