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November 26, 2010

A pill can wipe out painful memories!

Everyone believe that it is too difficult to forget some unwanted moments & delete such incidents from our memory, which cause pain & make our life pathetic. US researchers claim it might be possible by consuming one pill.

Researchers discovered certain proteins in brain's fear centre that always hold on the traumatic memories for which humans stay under depression & stress. If those proteins can be successfully eliminated from the brain’s fear centre, humans will be normal out of traumatic memories.

Researchers said that the proteins are unstable by nature & can be removed by the help of drugs. However, few mental health support group in Maryland are against the idea. In fact, erasing memory & is an amazing idea even little scary too. But the idea could be beneficiary to many people who are suffering from depression for the traumatic experiences in life, victims of violence & people who are suffering from relation break-ups.


Anonymous said...

well said .Now i wonder if there is any pill to reduce weight :)

KSHAZYR said...

@Anonymous: Pills are not always good. Better follow http://bit.ly/hbICFR

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