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November 28, 2010

Living Strong at 100 after Angioplasty at 95

A big miracle in the medical history! Believe it or not! A heart patient, who underwent angioplasty at the age of 95 just five years ago, is healthy & fit at the age of 100 today.

The patient V.L. Bela, a primary school teacher from Mizoram, had undergone angioplasty on April 23, 2005 at B.M. Birla Heart Research Centre (BMBHRC) in Kolkata. The doctors had removed a 70% to 80% blockage in one of the major coronary arteries. Bela celebrated his 100th birth anniversary on October 11, 2010. He is fully fit & doing well. This is just incredible.

According to the doctors, there were records of stent angioplasty done on a 98-year old man in Brazil & a 91-year-old man in London. Two more people in Taiwan also had the same surgery. However, this is the first such case in India. Bela took part in regular activities even after the surgery & did all his work properly in the last five years. However, now he cannot move out frequently because of his old age. Lets just pray for his good health & longer life.

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