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November 08, 2010

High heels increase chances of injury

In this fashionable era, most women prefer to wear high heels to look improve their personality & style. However, a latest study has revealed that women wearing high heels are prone to injuries than those who stick to shoes with no heels at all. 

The latest study revealed that more than three million women 've ended up seeking medical help after falling prey to injuries such as twisted ankle or tearing a tendon caused by their high heels or stilettos. Some 've even fallen flat on their faces due to losing balance on their high heeled shoes, resulting in damaged teeth or broken wrist.

For the purpose of reaching to the conclusion, study researchers surveyed over 3,000 women via a poll, aged between 18 to 65 years. They were surprised to find that nearly all of them 've suffered twisted ankle due to their high heels. What’s even more surprising was their undying love for high heels persisted even after suffering injury, as the researchers found that nearly 60% women are ready to continue wearing high heels despite suffering pain.

89% women revealed that uncomfortable pair of shoes had ruined their night out in the past, & they had to be helped or even carried home. 61% revealed that due to uncomfortable shoes, they 've spent an entire evening sitting down. 80% 've bought a trendy pair of shoes even after knowing for sure that they do not fit. Only 2% women revealed never wearing heels.

Women Obsessed on high heels
This is not the first study to 've cautioned against ill-effects of wearing high heels. But surprisingly, high heeled shoes’ popularity has never gone down among women. The researchers also revealed that women are usually aware of pitfalls as they at times 've experienced side-effects first hand of wearing high heeled shoes, but still they seem to be obsessed with them.

As per Lisa McCarten, of comfort-shoe specialists Hotter Shoes, “It’s incredible to imagine the pain & discomfort women endure for a pair of killer heels or an ill-fitting impulse sale bargain. “Buying shoes can be hard work as women tend to buy shoes that look good with an outfit, & then worry about the pain later.”

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